How Waraba’s first suburb of Lilywood got its name!

25 June 2023

With Lilywood Landings set to blossom into an exciting new neighbourhood in the coming years, we’re delighted to share the story of how our community got its name!

From its clusters of blue/purple flowers to eye-catching berries, the Blue flax lily is the strikingly attractive local plant that lends its name to the Waraba locality of Lilywood.

Gazetted by the Queensland Government in April 2023, the combination of ‘lily’ and ‘wood’ is a reference to the plant native to the Caboolture region and known botanically as Dianella caerulea.

Lilywood is the first suburb in the new City of Waraba, and sits alongside Corymbia, named after a local tree genus, Greenstone, which takes its name from a unique igneous rock type in the area, and Wagtail Grove, named after the delightful Willie Wagtail bird.

As the gateway community to Waraba, it was only fitting for Lilywood Landings to reflect the name of the region’s first new suburb.

And there is a very good chance you will have already seen this plant growing wild or in the gardens of our own sub-tropical southeast Queensland homes.

As a hardy perennial, the Blue flax lily is a very popular landscaping plant, cultivated for use as a garden edging or rockery ornamental, growing to around 0.5 – 1.0 metres and thriving in both sun and shade.

Besides the small berries and flowers that bloom in summer, this native lily features attractive leaves that are long and strap-like, forming spreading patches. With medium to low water needs, it is also tolerant to dry conditions once established.

The Blue flax lily would be a great landscaping choice for your future new home in Lilywood Landings, so register your interest here to follow our community’s progress.